Program for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (PSMNR) - Southwest Province

Program for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (PSMNR) - Southwest Province

The communities adjacent to the Protected Areas lack of income opportunities and social infrastructure, such as road access, drinking water supply, health care and education. They highly depend on the goods and services which they derive from the forests. While the rural population does not sufficiently benefit from natural resource management or the existence of protected areas on their traditional lands, conservation measures even constrain their livelihoods. This results in unsustainable use of the natural resources and the loss of biodiversity. The Programme aims at the conciliation of conservation of high value ecosystems and endangered species and socio-economic development of adjacent communities in and around Mt. Cameroon (Bomboko Forest Reserve, Korup National Park, Takamanda and Mone Forests) and the improvement of the livelihood situation of local communities.


Our contribution:

  • Support to multi-sector and multi-stakeholder information exchange, coordination and conflict resolution concerning land use problems in regard of conservation, forest resource management and livelihood improvement.
  • Protected areas development through the creation and gazettement of two National Parks (Takamanda 2008, Mt. Cameroon 2009), the elaboration, revision and validation of NP management plans, the construction of NP infrastructure, demarcation of boundaries, provision of equipment, training of eco-guards, patrolling, conservation education and first activities of co-management.
  • Harmonization of nature protection and development through the elaboration of village development plans and the implementation of development measures (income generating measures and socio-economic infrastructure).
  • Assistance to Nguti council in the creation, gazettement and management of its council forest: elaboration of management plans for Nguti Council forest and two further community forests, which serve as buffer zones to either the Korup NP or Mt. Cameroon NP and are supposed to create revenues for development.
  • Training of MINFOF staff in the monitoring of the sustainable management of Forest Management Units; support to the FSC certification process (2 out of 3 active concessions in SWR are FSC certified); use of FMU revenues to co-finance measures for community involvement in forest management and the fight against illegal logging and poaching.
  • First contributions to the development of a sustainable financing mechanism for protected areas through the Mt. Cameroon REDD project.


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(South West Province)


01/2006 – 09/2016


5 years (phase I)
5 years (phase II)




Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife