Community-based Sustainable Forest Management for Water Resource Conservation

Date 05/12/2017
Project Title Climate Change Adaptation Himalaya Programme Component I
Community-based Sustainable Forest Management for Water Resource Conservation in Manipur, India

International Chief Technical Adviser (CTA)

The tasks of the CTA are comprehensive and include (but are not restricted to) assisting PEA in coordinating the following responsibilities:

  • All managerial and administrative aspects of the delivery of the German contribution to the project (financial management; procurement; team management; conflict management fund disbursements; reporting, etc.);
  • Elaborating, executing and monitoring the project’s plan of operations and Standard Procedures of Operation (SPOs);
  • Providing specific technical expertise when and where necessary and appropriate;
  • Working closely under the guidance of the PEA with key project stakeholders to develop appropriate approaches for implementing the project; this include monitoring and evaluation of the ESMF and LACP implementation and outcomes as part of a transparent process;
  • Supporting the local communities, third party monitoring and other stakeholders in monitoring, evaluating, and communication of the project; conduct quality and quantity quality control and acceptance checking of physical project measures;
  • Evaluating/reviewing the project as appropriate;
  • Identifying needs for external expertise;
  • Coordinating suitable short-term national, regional and international consultants (key experts) and in preparing respective job descriptions (Terms of Reference); assist in their contracting and supervision and evaluation of their work;
  • With the input of other experts, design an appropriate project and impact monitoring system, i.e. analyze existing project guidelines for monitoring and quality control; review of existing proposals (if any) for an impact monitoring system; propose a reference monitoring system covering aspects related to technical implementation, financial progress (disbursement of funds) and impacts; assist in the preparation of an M&E Operational Manual; assist in design and execution of an M&E plan;
  • Organizing external evaluation missions (mid-term, end-of-project), monitoring studies (e.g. for social and ecological impact monitoring) and expert studies (as and if deemed fit), including preparation of ToR; and preparation of mainstreaming and upscaling concept;
  • Managing the ‘best practice demonstrations: identification of topics, contracting of services, etc.;
  • Support preparation of disbursement requests to KfW (including countersigning of requests);
  • Preparing technical specifications for physical investments of the project if required;
  • Developing and coordinating capacity building plan for implementation partners and target groups (needs assessment; identification of suitable CB resources; coordination of technical CB inputs);
  • Developing communications plan with key stakeholder groups;
  • Procurement of goods and services, ensure compliance with KfW procurement guidelines. This includes also the preparation of guidelines for selection of local NGOs, with reference to KfW guidelines in use in other countries.
Country Republic of India, duty station at Imphal/India
Donor German Financial Cooperation (KfW)
Duration 37 PM over 7 years (tentative commencement in June 2018)
Project Description

The Project, entitled “Community-based Sustainable Forest Management for Water Resource Conservation in Manipur” will be the first component under the Indo-German Programme “Climate Change Adaption in the Himalaya” with a focus on sustainable community forestry and soil and water conservation. The overall objective of the FC-programme is, “Investments in sustainable community forestry models improve natural resources, minimize climate-related risks and increase rural productivity and income for the local population”.

The proposed measure shall serve to improve rehabilitation, protection, and sustainable use of forest, their productivity and water resources as well as to develop and strengthen the resilience of forest and vulnerable population against climate change.
  • University degree in forestry, natural resource science or other relevant discipline (post-graduate degree or other special qualification);
  • Proven work experience in technical core and complementary areas, notably sustainable watershed management and quality insurance of project implementation (Q&Q control) (min. 15 years professional experience in candidate’s core field);
  • Professional experience in Development Cooperation and donor-funded projects (min. 10 years of project experience in DC projects);
  • Experience in administrative (management procedures, financial administration, reporting, etc.) project duties (not CTA) for DC projects; (min. 5 years of experience in administration of FC (i.e. WB; KfW; ADB; etc.) projects;
  • CTA and team leading experience as implementation consultant in Financial Cooperation (FC) projects (i.e. WB; KfW; ADB; etc.); specific knowledge of German FC (management procedures, financial administration, procurements, reporting, etc.) is essential (min. 3 years of CTA experience in German FC projects);
  • Work experience in India (min. 3 years);
  • Years with the firm/working relationship with the firm (association with firm for five or
  • more years = full points).
  • Oral and written proficiency in English is considered mandatory; German is an asset;
Further Information upon request
Application Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV to: indicating the project title