Forest Resources Management

Forest Resources Management

Forest resources inventory and monitoring:

  • Inventory design, data acquisition and processing: Remote sensing techniques, cartography and GIS, field measurements, observations, establishment of permanent sampling plots, abundance/ dominance appraisals, minimum area determinations, biodiversity inventories, assessment of forest goods and services, household surveys, statistical sampling, household surveys, rapid and participatory rural appraisal.
  • Data analysis and interpretation: Analysis of physical, biological, ecological, social, cultural and economic conditions, derivation of trends, recommendations and best practices, participatory evaluation and monitoring of socio-economic and ecological project impacts.
  • Database management: Database development, design and establishment of information and knowledge management systems.


Integrated participatory forest resource management:

  • Participatory preparation and implementation of management plans for forest reserves, tree and agro-forestry plantations, agro-sylvopastoral systems, protected areas and their buffer zones, including infrastructure development. Development or improvement of management structures and procedures for public or private forest concessions, municipal / communal or community based forest management, and support to the formation of forest management units.
  • Demarcation of forest management units and zoning: Participatory forest function mapping, classification in conservation, protection, production, multiple use and other functional zones.
  • Sustainable forest management and close to nature forest management: Tending, thinning, future crop tree selection, mixed stands, multi layered stand structures, integrated watershed management, reduced impact harvesting, sustainable utilization of timber and non-timber forest products, value chain development, support to the processing, certification and marketing, assisted natural regeneration, pest and disease control, fire prevention.


Afforestation, reforestation and rehabilitation

  • Site selection and preparation, tree species selection, genetic improvement, tree nursery and plantation techniques, treatment and tree protection.



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