Community-Based Forest and Mangrove Management Project Panay and Negros (CBFMMP)

Community Based Forest and Mangrove Management / Climate Protection Projects

Since 2003 DFS supports four projects in the Philippines focusing on sustainable development, protection and utilization of forest resources (including mangroves) and the participation of forest dwellers and local communities in forest management. The projects aim at preventing the further degradation of forest resources, forest rehabilitation, the conservation of biodiversity and the improvement of rural livelihood. The projects include participatory forest land use planning, co-management of forest resources, issuance of land use rights, piloting REDD+ field implementation and contribute to the climate-relevant modernization of the national forest policy.

Our contribution:

  • Policy advice regarding participatory resource management, en-hancement of decentralization processes and improving the legal framework for community forest management.
  • Forest land use planning (FLUP), facilitation of co-management agreements between communities and forestry administration.
  • Identify biodiversity hotspots and "critical habitats" within the FLUP process, facilitate municipal ordinances and protection measures, establishment of Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Offices for sustainable implementation.
  • Support communities and People’s Organizations in obtaining land use rights, preparing and implementing resource management plans.
  • Preparation and implementation of financing agreements for forest rehabilitation incl. multi-purpose tree plantations, assisted natural regeneration, enrichment planting, rattan, mangroves and agroforestry.
  • Implement REDD+ pilot measures such as carbon baseline studies and monitoring, MRV, forest protection and rehabilitation measures to reduce and sequester carbon emissions.
  • Support municipalities in preparing and implementing local infrastructure projects eligible for funding, such as village water supply, farm-to-market roads, rural markets, wood processing plants.
  • Facilitate public-private-partnerships between government agencies, farmers and private enterprises in the copra, coffee and cacao sectors, support planting, processing and marketing of crops.
  • Establish and implement a result-based participatory M&E system.


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PHILIPPINES (Visayas Islands: Leyte, Negros, Panay)


11/2003 – 12/2015 (longest project)

Consulting Inputs

122 international PM/ 436 local PM


BMZ and/or BMU through GIZ and/or KfW


DENR, Provincial and Municipal Local Government Units, Land Bank of the Philippines