Sino-German Afforestation and Nature Conservation Project Sichuan Province

Sino-German Afforestation Projects in North and South China

Since 1998, DFS Deutsche Forstservice GmbH is providing the Technical Assistance for project design and for project implementation for a number of the Sino-Germany Afforestation Projects. In the North, the "Three North Shelterbelt Programme" aims to establish a vast network of tree shelterbelts and tree plantations extending from Heilongjiang to Xinjiang to arrest the advancing land degradation and desertification. In the South, the "Yangtze River Shelterbelt Programme" aims to establish slope land afforestation and riverbank protection forests. The twin objective of all projects is natural resources conservation and sustainable forest management, coupled with poverty alleviation through the generation of employment and income. The projects require the active and participatory involvement of the beneficiaries in afforestation planning and sustainable forest management.


Our contribution:

Project design - Formulation of afforestation projects suitable for KfW-financing, inter alia analysis of technical, personnel, organizational and infrastructural necessities for project implementation, formulation of a justified procurement programme, cost estimates and financial and cost effectiveness analysis. Feasibility studies have been carried out for Hebei II (2001), Hunan II (2002), Inner Mongolia (1998) and Liaoning (1998).

Project implementation - Provision of intermittent, medium-term advisory services and training to strengthen the operating and project management capacity of the provincial forestry departments in Hebei II (2003-2011), Hunan I (1998-2002) Jiangxi (1998-2002) Inner Mongolia (2000-2010), Liaoning (2000-2010) and Sichuan (1998-2007) with regard to:

  • Appraisal of sites and development of afforestation designs, and forest management plans. Participatory, village-based land-use planning and afforestation zoning.
  • Afforestation techniques, forest management, forest resource use, soil and water conservation. Organisation and operation of forestry extension service.
  • Innovative sand control techniques, fixation of mobile sand dunes, establishment of checkerboards and sustainable rangeland management.
  • Training of forestry staff on township, county and provincial levels, and organization of study tours. Financial and administrative project management on provincial and county levels.
  • Quality control of afforestation activities and monitoring & evaluation of afforested areas. Monitoring of socio-economic project impact.
  • Selection of equipment and vehicles; tender procedures and procurement.


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(Hebei, Henan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Ningxia, Sichuan)


02/1998 - 12/2018


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Peoples Republic of China