Support to Communal Forest Management (PAGEFCOM)

Support to Communal Forest Management (PAGEFCOM)

Benin is deeply engaged in the decentralisation process with a transfer of roles and responsibilities from the state to the communes, in particular in regard of non-classified forest resources and protected areas. The project assists communities in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities through technical advice and capacity building. Overall objective consists in poverty alleviation by linking the preservation of natural resources to the local development in the three Departments of the project intervention area in southern Benin (Atlantique, Zou & Collines).


Our contribution:

  • Development of 3 departmental and 23 communal scheme management guidelines.
  • Capacity building of protection forest committees and farmer associations.
  • Satellite based mapping of forest units in the project intervention area. Development of management plans for 150.000 hectares of natural forest including reforestation with indigenous species.
  • Implementation of 6.900 ha of communal plantations with Teck and fast growing wood fuel species.
  • Support to the creation and management of 1.500 ha individual plantations.
  • Enrichment of 63 sacred forests with indigenous species and support to their conservation committees.
  • Creation of 3 communal game ranches on 8.400 ha for wildlife conservation through sustainable and professional hunting.
  • Development and implementation of an integrated soil fertility management plan.
  • Implementation of a Local Development Fund to finance collective infrastructures.
  • Development and implementation of an alphabetisation plan (20.000 beneficiaries).
  • Implementation of HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention activities.
  • Project impact monitoring and evaluation.


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(Atlantique, Zou and Collines Departments)


07/2008- 12/2012


54 months/ 121 PM




The Government of Benin, Department of Atlantique, Zou and Collines