Firewood Project Phase 2 - National Forest Resources Inventory (IFN)

Firewood Project Phase 2 -
National Forest Resources Inventory (IFN)

This project aimed at improving the balance between the supply of and the demand for woody biomass, and at promoting the use of alternative household energy sources. The National Forest Resources Inventory that was implemented in the framework of this project now provides a sound basis of quantitative and qualitative data on the woody biomass stock and production potential of the natural forests and of the forest plantations on both public and private lands. The data will primarily be used for the strategic planning of the country's woody biomass supply.


Our contribution:

  • Land use mapping and inventory of woody biomass resources (above-ground and dead-wood woody biomass carbon pools) using satellite imagery (LANDSAT ETM) and statistical field sampling (nested plots).
  • Forest inventory data processing, analysis and presentation of re-sults under various aspects, particularly in view of woody energy supply.
  • Integration of the acquired data into an information system capable of handling all types of data (images, spatial data, inventory and attribute data, geo-tagged photographies, etc.).
  • Design and establishment of a network of permanent sample plots for forest resources monitoring.
  • Capacity building and training of national staff.


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06/2006 – 03/2009


34 months / 222 PM


African Development Fund


Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection